Friday, June 14, 2013

Monkey see, Monkey Do: Pinterest Editition

Do you carouse Pinterest as much as I do? I find so many wonderful, inspiring ideas on Pinterest. I had pinned a few varieties of simple shelves and then went to Lowe's to build my own spice rack--pictures to come later.

The other day, I pinned someone's idea of taking a  brightly colored painted round cake pan and using it to to corral kitchen utensils, salt & pepper shakers, etc.  It just struck me as such a simple idea that it would actually take less effort to re-create it for myself than to pin it. So I got up from the computer, marched into the kitchen to find just the right cake pan for the job. But I had forgotten my niece had "borrowed" them all. Borrowed is such a generous term--in any event--they weren't coming back. Although disappointed, I soon remember that we had 3 round, nesting, spring-form pans hidden away in that hard to reach cabinet above the stove. I asked my brother to reach me down the smallest one and I immediately got to work:

Inside the confines of the pretty, shinny pan is the stainless steel canister of my kitchen utensils, both my vegetable and olive oil bottles, and a pretty little creamer that houses the tossing spoons and forks. If I would upgrade to the medium sized pan I could fit in the salt & pepper shaker but for now this is just the right size.

I like having everything together and when I'm wiping down the counter I only have to move one thing--not a bunch of things. Now in a perfect world, I'd really like to have one of those pretty glass decanters for the vegetable oil so as not to have a hideous plastic bottle on display. All in good time. In fact, I have a wine bottle that I'm considering using for this purpose.

What's the point of all those pins if you're never going to do anything with them?
Get inspired and then CREATE something for yourself!

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