Thursday, March 14, 2013

Allow me to introduce

Lourdes, our faithful friend for over 13 years. I had always wanted to do posts to introduce our dogs--but I kept putting it off--and now it's too late. Lourdes left us last week. No reason to be sad because we all know All Dogs Go To Heaven.

One day I was driving and was stopped by a traffic light. We noticed a stray dog and hoped she wouldn't get hit (it was a high traffic area) and we started worrying when she got in the crosswalk because we knew the light was getting ready to change. This very funny dog strolled across the street in front of our car and then--hopped on top of my car. I blew the horn but she wouldn't get down. The light changed and people behind us were very impatient. So we got out and physically removed her from our hood--but then we thought she was still in danger--so we put her in the car with plans to release her on the other side of the intersection.

But as fate would have it, there were people sitting on their porches once we crossed the intersection and I worried they would think we were dumping her--so we drove on--with plans to let her out further on down the road. But again, people were out on their porches--so we just took her home. And she stayed with us ever since! We always said, We didn't choose her, she choose us. I don't know why she did--but we came to love her! She made our lives better for more than 13 years.

This has always been my favorite picture of Lourdes, she just looks so mischievousness! Actually she was just a little camera shy. She moved so quickly that it was always difficult to get a good shot of her. Don't you just love her coat of many colors? I love everything about her.

Good night, sweet sleep.

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