Thursday, October 25, 2012

Afternoon Tea Party

Sunday I was thrilled to host my first-ever afternoon Tea Party. We kept it simple, just my sisters and nieces, six of us in all. I removed most of the furniture from the livingroom and set up a buffet table in front of the large window. We brought in the round patio set from the back yard and dressed it with a round pink table cloth for dinning. It was as if the livingroom was a room within an actual tea-house.

I served tea with sugar and lemon, no cream. mini chocolate eclairs, fresh from the oven homemade danish, bread and butter pickle slices, molded strawberry and cherry gelatin salad, chocolate covered shortbread, cranberry walnut chicken salad on croissant, open-faced bacon and egg salad on sesame seed bread, and traditional English cucumber tea-sandwiches cut into triangles and encrusted with mayo & herbs, cheese ball with crackers, and lemonade. I had wanted to make a quiche, but thought it was silly to serve both quiche and egg-salad. We had plenty so we didn't miss it. Besides, there wasn't anymore room on the buffet table.

My niece brought up a classical music playlist to on the computer which added a nice aire to the event. All the males went outside to give us the house to ourselves. Brother Van took the opportunity to rake the front yard, while the older boys tossed the Frisbee, and the two little great-nephews played with a drum set and told us they were in a boy band.

My silly sister called me up the day before the party and said, "This thing is gonna' take place around lunch time, Are you gonna' serve lunch afterwards?". Silly rabbit ! I asked if she honestly thought the only thing she was going to get was a cup of tea?

We had such a blast! My sister did her English persona, one niece did her Australian thing, the other niece told an off-color joke and we dubbed her the uncouth American. The youngest niece who was having a hard time keeping up with all the nonsense was labeled from Outer Space. Our quiet sister was a German who was secretly plotting to take over the world, while I was Queen of Scotts who would behead anyone for not using proper manners. It was quite the round-table of international and intergalactic dignitaries.

I knew the party had been a success when the youngest niece, who had never been to a proper tea before, said she felt like she was inside a palace eating the King's fancy food. That just made my day!

We're thinking of having another all girls party soon. The next one will be a do-it-yourself day at the spa. We'll do facials, manicures, hair styles, and make-up and then pose for pictures. We're also planning an all-boy cousin get-together during Christmas break. We'll make hot cocoa, order pizza, pop pop-corn, and bring out the queen-size mattress to the livingroom floor so they can watch movies as late as they like. I'll just have to get a supply of aspirins first!!

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