Monday, August 13, 2012

Freedom from possessions

Someone very close to me has found themselves in a situation where they must move quickly. For reasons that I don't really want to disclose they are looking at moving without their mattress/box spring, dressers, and love seat. As she was telling me about the list she had comprised of things they will have to buy once they get settled into their new place, my first response was "How sad!" But the more I thought about it I realized how very free-ing it would be to sorta' start over. I would relish the opportunity.

How many things do we hang onto just because so-and-so gave it to us for Christmas or some other event. How often do items just sit somewhere because every table top or other linear surface needs something to frou-frou it?

We, too, are looking at a possible move sometime in the not-too-distant future. In anticipation, we've been doing a massive rid-out of stuff that we don't want to have to box up and move. We have two sheds in the back yard. The second one has been dismantled and some stuff moved over to the other shed. But the majority of the stuff in there went to the curb. Why was it ever stored in the first place????? The only things worth saving from the shed (which was completely full to overflowing) was the Christmas tree and decorations and our picnic coolers.

We're hoping to rid out the first shed before Winter sets in. And then we'll set our sights on the inside where we've already made some strides. We have a massive entertainment stand in the Living room with our TV, stereo, DVD, and VCR and all those different forms of media: games for all manner of game systems, DVDs and VHS tapes.


I have finagled with my bedroom for what seems like ages and I finally have it to where I like it (except for inside the closet but that's for another time). I'm down to my bed and a dresser. Some might think that's a bit austere but I find it very peaceful and relaxing to not be overwhelmed by stuff. An added benefit? Less stuff makes a room easier to keep clean.

I know life is an ebb and flow process and as Ecclesiastes says "There is a time to build up and a time to tear down". We are most clearly in the tear down phase of life and I'm sure that we'll need things when we settle wherever it is that we will settle--but I hope never again to this level.

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