Wednesday, July 4, 2012

You must have been a Be-You-ti-ful Baby

When I was younger I loved those old '50 and '60's movies where everyone in a small town gathered on the banks of the lake, ate a picnic lunch and laid on their blankets to watch the fireworks in the evening. Those images always come to mind at this time of year.

Our little 'burb celebrates in style! We have a little carnival that comes to town, we have entertainment that performs at the band shelter, there's a great pyrotechnical display, and then there's the beauty contests.  My niece entered her precious little children into the beautiful baby contest. They break it up by age group and gender--so each had the potential to win his age group.

Here's their participation prize: a cute little sand bucket with spade and adorable little plush animal
 Nathan actually was chosen as the beautiful baby for his age group and was given this prize: an inflatable pool which he happily put to good use later the same afternoon!
An extra benefit of winning is that you can ride in the 4th of July parade with posters on the sides of your vehicle and wave and throw candy at the parade viewers along the route. My niece so wanted her son to be in the parade, and rightfully so, but it's been way too hot and we couldn't imagine that he'd sit safely in a convertible to back of a truck (the vehicles of choice) so he didn't participate in the parade. But the two boys had fun collecting candy being thrown by those in the parade. Gabe, the little one, can compete again next year. 
                      Happy Fourth of July!!

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