Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I'll "tumblr" for ya'

I'm dating myself by making reference to a Boy George/Culture Club song. Oh well.......
I added my Pinterest link in my sidebar the other day. I really use Pinterest a LOT! Before it came along, I would buy sketch pads and cut out pictures from magazines to create inspiration boards. I use Pinterest in the same way--but with the use of online graphics. But then I always felt bad about the photos that I liked but they didn't fall into a specific category or board. I still had that cut and paste inspiration board in my mind filled with random images. Then I learned about Tumblr! Although, they call the service they provide a blog hosting platform; I didn't find it as easy as blogger to learn to use. So I was prepared to forget all about it until I stumbled upon an all photo template. Suddenly, I had a home for all those images that didn't fit onto Pinterest boards. I really enjoy how the images seem to tumble down a stream as if that's how they would fall out of your head onto a paper. It just seems to make it all the more appropriate for it to be named Tumblr. So, I'm providing the link to my photo stream on Tumblr and maybe, you'll find a use for an account there, too!

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