Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fabulous Finds: Free for the Taking

My first time using the new blogger interface and I do not like it!!!! But I suppose we'll grow accustomed to one another as time goes by.

Many moons ago I frequented a pretty little decorating blog, which shall not be named. I enjoyed the beautiful photos she shared of all her decorating and staging. She would often show her thrift-store finds and brag about the wonderful deals she got here-and-there. She had quite a following in blog-land, which has grown more and more. But at one point, a couple of people had left comments regarding what they deemed her incessant shopping and called into question IF she had an addiction. Naturally, she became incensed!, left a rebuttal via a blog post and closed comments (for awhile) on her blog.

But it got me thinking: thrift-store shopping is STILL shopping! Discount store shopping is STILL shopping! Dollar-Store shopping is STILL shopping. Yard-sale shopping is STILL shopping. Saying that it's not as bad as "regular" shopping because you're saving money is like saying "I'm not a real addict because I only do a "little" cocaine". It reminds me of that old saying: "He who buys what he does not need; steals from himself".

My brother lost his job a little while ago and although he's in the process of interviewing for another he's at a loss as to what to do with himself so he's taken up scrapping as a way of keeping busy and earning a little money at the same time. Driving around in his pick-up truck and picking up things from people's garbage that he can take to the recycle center. He does pretty good at it. As an added benefit, he's found some things for free that have really come in handy around the ol' homestead. He found a garden hose on a wheeled caddy. He found a digital TV antenna in the box that has greatly improved our TV reception.

From time-to-time, I thought I might share some of his "Fabulous Finds: Free for the taking" on my blog so that you can see the perfectly good things that are being tossed out that could be used by someone else.

First, here's my new (new to me) beside lamp. I had a brass lamp that always made me think it should be sitting on a male attorney's desk but now I have a girly pink ceramic sculptured lamp with a linen shade. It's kind of '80's--but I like it!

Here's another great find! This shelving unit is 3 pieces. A large baker's rack surrounded by towers on either side. I use the side on the left for canned good and the side on the right for some extra dishes. He picked it up to be scrapped for the metal. He thinks it would have gotten him about $15.00 but I interceded on it's behalf and brought it into the kitchen where my stained glass rooster lamp and potted plant now have a home.

We butt heads though on some of the stuff he finds. His thought process is "Hey, it's free!". Mine is "Free or not--there's still a limit as to how much stuff can fit into this house. Stop dragging STUFF in here!"

Keep your eyes open for interesting, useful, and free stuff just sitting on the curbside--but if you don't have a place for it--pass it by!

Happy Hunting!

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