Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome 2012

Happy New Year! Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012.
Last night was just a little discomforting to realize just how many of our neighbors had guns and thought it was O.K. to unload one in celebrating the New Year. Thankfully, most settled down after about 10 minutes; but it was like being in a war zone there for a few minutes.

It's funny how I've had this pesky cold for over 2 weeks now and the eternal optimist in me believed that I would wake up this morning cold-free simply because it was the start of the new year. Apparently my body didn't get the memo! lol

This poor little blog has been so neglected for so long! I've deleted it 3 times and started over 3 times but never whole-heartedly. I finally gave into the pressure to establish a Facebook account and I post a little something there every once-in-awhile and I've created a Tumblr account just for those things that don't really require a board of their own on Pinterest (which is where I spend way-too-much time). The Tumblr blog is cool because it's only images that speak to me and there's no text whatsoever so it's quick and easy. It reminds me so very much of a digital format of the inspiration board collages I used to make from pictures I'd cut out of magazines. I'll post the links for these accounts soon. I actually have a few ideas for how to proceed with this blog to make it a little more interesting and a lot more user friendly for 2012. Wish me well.

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