Thursday, November 30, 2017

2017 In Review/2018 in PreView

I've been terrible with blogging and have given careful consideration to just chucking it, but decided to do this "Year in Review" post instead.

In 2017, I pulled my head out of the sandbox I typically like to keep it in and went to the Doctor. That's NEVER enjoyable, especially when it requires referrals to other doctors. But, I've finally started a weight-loss plan and have actually dropped 12 pounds!

My eldest grandson transitioned from traditional high-school to computer based home school and is doing much better. He'll turn 18 in the year 2018 and we are looking forward to seeing what the Lord has in store for his future.

Speaking of grandchildren, I was blessed to welcome a third grandchild this year. He's a real cutie-pie! Naturally, 2018 will see many firsts for him.

My niece gifted me with a cell-phone this year as she thinks I'm missing out on something because I don't keep an electronic device in the palm of my hand 24-7 the way the rest of the world seems to....I'm thrilled she thought of me but I've had a hard time just learning how to answer the thing! Both my niece and grandson programmed other family members phone numbers into my phone for me as that was simply too much for me! I do make a couple of calls a month but I don't like sending texts. So it seems I'm SLOWLY joining the tech-age.

2017 was the year of taking a good long look at things and coming to terms with them. I predict that 2018 will be the year of making positive changes and moving forward from here.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

One size does NOT fit all

I don't know why, I can't explain it but there are some things that just tend to work for everyone else that just don't work for us and I don't know why!

For example, place mats....such a simple concept, right? But no, the fabric ones don't stay clean long enough to even warrant putting on the table. So you would think the plastic ones would be a logical solution, right? WRONG! Somehow spills manage to hide underneath them and "glue" the place mat to the table. Table cloths and table runners don't work either because we can't seem to keep them in place.

Sofa pillows and throws won't work in our house either. The pillows are ALWAYS knocked to the floor and the throws are NEVER put on the back of the sofa--they're left as a heaping mess exactly where the pillows should be--if they weren't on the floor.

Bathroom hampers go unused because it's just so much more convenient to leave your clothes on the floor and don't even get me started on the myriad of  kitchen trash cans I've employed in an attempt to prevent the trash from over flowing or prompting someone to think "Gee, maybe I should empty this can now."

Somehow our family just doesn't work that way.....

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Cecil, the Lion & Jesus, the Christ

Much uproar (no pun intended) of late regarding the unnecessary murder of Cecil, the Lion of Zimbabwe.

I wondered why I was so deeply moved by this story, as is the rest of the world.  Was it simply a matter of "herd mentality" or was I touched by this story on some personal level? As I studied the stories as they trickled onto the Internet and watched video of Cecil, I was struck by what a simply magnificent specimen of everything "lion-y" that he was. The very image of everything beautiful about creation and about nature.

I was left awe-struck simply watching him walk across his domain. He was truly like a King.  All that power, all that might!! Every other creature KNOWS he's the one in control!

It made me think of how Jesus, when he first came, came as the lamb--the sacrificial lamb--as ransom for our sin. But, when he returns, He will return as the Lion of Judah, in all His power, authority, and majesty. When all of creation KNOWS He is Lord of all.

If I am left in utter amazement by the manifestation of these attributes in an animal (and I am!) how much more so will we all be when we see the Lord Jesus in all Glory!

Monday, March 16, 2015

A very good year

2015....You are going to be a very big year!!

Should everything go as it should, this year will see me turn double nickles, will see a family member turn 18 (we all remember what a mile-stone that is!)  graduate high-school and start college. Another member will start kindergarden this year, and his little brother may go to pre-school--that has yet to be worked out. We'll be welcoming a newest member to the family with a birth expected in the fall along with the required baby shower. There's been an engagement and that means wedding plans.

2015...You are very big, and very exciting!! I'm looking forward to everything you'll bring us.

Sunday, January 11, 2015


I've practically abandoned this little blog of mine. I've decided 2015 will be the make-it-or-break-it year for blogging. I'll either commit myself to the process or walk-away from it without any regrets.

After much thought and reflection, I've come up with my New Year's Resolutions for 2015. This year will be the GET it year:

Get Real
Get Serious
Get Fit
Get Up & run my household
Get Up & run my homestead

Getting real requires me to establish what is important and what isn't.
Getting serious requires me to do things that help me have the life I want and to quit squandering time on activities that don't add to my life.
Getting fit speaks for itself.
Getting up and running my household is all about getting organized and clutter-free.
Getting up and running my homestead is all about pretty much the same as above--except outdoors opposed to inside the house. It's about taking good care of our pets, planting a garden, tidying up the yards, etc.

So, all things considered I'm hoping that 2015 is the year I finally

Get it all together!

Wish me well as I do for you as well. Happy New Year!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

As seen on Pinterest

Recently I came across this beautiful piece of inspiration:

I saw the simplicity of the wooden shelf and thought to myself, "I could make that!"  And so I did, I really did.

I haven't decided if I'm going to paint it, stain it, or mod-podge it yet--but it's up and in service! I just measured the cabinet above it. Had Lowe's cut the boards to my measurements, and my son screwed them together and to the wall. Now I have a spice rack!

This was so easy!!! Anyone can do it!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Monkey see, Monkey Do: Pinterest Editition

Do you carouse Pinterest as much as I do? I find so many wonderful, inspiring ideas on Pinterest. I had pinned a few varieties of simple shelves and then went to Lowe's to build my own spice rack--pictures to come later.

The other day, I pinned someone's idea of taking a  brightly colored painted round cake pan and using it to to corral kitchen utensils, salt & pepper shakers, etc.  It just struck me as such a simple idea that it would actually take less effort to re-create it for myself than to pin it. So I got up from the computer, marched into the kitchen to find just the right cake pan for the job. But I had forgotten my niece had "borrowed" them all. Borrowed is such a generous term--in any event--they weren't coming back. Although disappointed, I soon remember that we had 3 round, nesting, spring-form pans hidden away in that hard to reach cabinet above the stove. I asked my brother to reach me down the smallest one and I immediately got to work:

Inside the confines of the pretty, shinny pan is the stainless steel canister of my kitchen utensils, both my vegetable and olive oil bottles, and a pretty little creamer that houses the tossing spoons and forks. If I would upgrade to the medium sized pan I could fit in the salt & pepper shaker but for now this is just the right size.

I like having everything together and when I'm wiping down the counter I only have to move one thing--not a bunch of things. Now in a perfect world, I'd really like to have one of those pretty glass decanters for the vegetable oil so as not to have a hideous plastic bottle on display. All in good time. In fact, I have a wine bottle that I'm considering using for this purpose.

What's the point of all those pins if you're never going to do anything with them?
Get inspired and then CREATE something for yourself!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Happy to be A L I V E!

Yesterday, the grandson and I went to the movies to see The Croods in 3d, no less.

Have you seen it? If not, don't worry I'm not giving away the storyline here. Just talking about something I took away from watching the movie.

At first, I didn't expect much. After all, it's an animated movie for kids and I was just going along with the grandson. But right away I saw that John Cleese (from Monty Python fame) was involved in the film so I knew it would be pretty cheeky. They had some pretty powerful names providing the voices: Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds, and Cloris Leachman. The animation was top-notch and it was the perfect blend of story telling and action.

The one thing that really touched me about this family was every morning upon awakening, they would shout "Still living" or "Still Alive!" or some variation thereof. When you consider how hard their mere survival was, and that they literally jumped for joy in the morning to be alive for yet another day. It really made me feel bad about the mornings that I don't want to get up out of bed and face my (relatively easy) day. When all I want to do is cover up my head and avoid facing my responsibilities. A little animated movie made me feel ashamed that I don't attack life, that I don't shout "I'm still alive!" every morning when I rise.

And maybe I should.....maybe we all should...

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Allow me to introduce

Lourdes, our faithful friend for over 13 years. I had always wanted to do posts to introduce our dogs--but I kept putting it off--and now it's too late. Lourdes left us last week. No reason to be sad because we all know All Dogs Go To Heaven.

One day I was driving and was stopped by a traffic light. We noticed a stray dog and hoped she wouldn't get hit (it was a high traffic area) and we started worrying when she got in the crosswalk because we knew the light was getting ready to change. This very funny dog strolled across the street in front of our car and then--hopped on top of my car. I blew the horn but she wouldn't get down. The light changed and people behind us were very impatient. So we got out and physically removed her from our hood--but then we thought she was still in danger--so we put her in the car with plans to release her on the other side of the intersection.

But as fate would have it, there were people sitting on their porches once we crossed the intersection and I worried they would think we were dumping her--so we drove on--with plans to let her out further on down the road. But again, people were out on their porches--so we just took her home. And she stayed with us ever since! We always said, We didn't choose her, she choose us. I don't know why she did--but we came to love her! She made our lives better for more than 13 years.

This has always been my favorite picture of Lourdes, she just looks so mischievousness! Actually she was just a little camera shy. She moved so quickly that it was always difficult to get a good shot of her. Don't you just love her coat of many colors? I love everything about her.

Good night, sweet sleep.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Where Are you Christmas?

There is something missing 'round here. I think it's called Christmas spirit. It's seriously lacking. I thought putting up the lights and adorning the tree would do it--but it didn't. I thought playing Christmas music on the radio would do it--but it didn't. I was so desperate that I bought chocolate covered cherries and peanut brittle--but that didn't do it either.

A few days ago when all the young ones were here, I brought up YouTube and found Christmas hymns with lyrics and thought we'd gather round the computer and sing together--but they thought that was "lame". Instead they congregated in the kitchen giggling over something they were watching on the cell-phone. Talk about lame!

But it got me thinking how much I miss gathering with people to sing Christmas hymns. The church I attended during my childhood and teen years would always have a Christmas Eve service. There wasn't any preaching, per se, just the telling of the Christmas story and the singing of Christmas hymns by the congregation -- not a show choir. It was great fun! But they haven't done that in years, decades really. Churches are into cantatas and programs -- services, even at Christmas time aren't for the ordinary person. That's a shame!

In the words of Faith Hill's song:
Where are you Christmas?
Why can't I find you?
Where is the laughter
You used to bring me?
Why can't I hear music play?

I thought about running outside to give the garbage men my box of chocolate covered cherries and peanut brittle -- but I hesitated and they were gone. Surprisingly,  the thing that has helped the most in preparing my heart for the Holidays was being asked by my junior-high school aged grandson to prepare a treat for him to take to his last-day-of-school-before-Christmas-break party. I haven't had to make him treats in years! He said he was the first to volunteer because he knew I'd do it. He left with such a smile on his face yesterday with his treat in hand.

Again, in the words of the song:
If there is love in your heart and mind
You will feel like Christmas all the time.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a good-night!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Afternoon Tea Party

Sunday I was thrilled to host my first-ever afternoon Tea Party. We kept it simple, just my sisters and nieces, six of us in all. I removed most of the furniture from the livingroom and set up a buffet table in front of the large window. We brought in the round patio set from the back yard and dressed it with a round pink table cloth for dinning. It was as if the livingroom was a room within an actual tea-house.

I served tea with sugar and lemon, no cream. mini chocolate eclairs, fresh from the oven homemade danish, bread and butter pickle slices, molded strawberry and cherry gelatin salad, chocolate covered shortbread, cranberry walnut chicken salad on croissant, open-faced bacon and egg salad on sesame seed bread, and traditional English cucumber tea-sandwiches cut into triangles and encrusted with mayo & herbs, cheese ball with crackers, and lemonade. I had wanted to make a quiche, but thought it was silly to serve both quiche and egg-salad. We had plenty so we didn't miss it. Besides, there wasn't anymore room on the buffet table.

My niece brought up a classical music playlist to on the computer which added a nice aire to the event. All the males went outside to give us the house to ourselves. Brother Van took the opportunity to rake the front yard, while the older boys tossed the Frisbee, and the two little great-nephews played with a drum set and told us they were in a boy band.

My silly sister called me up the day before the party and said, "This thing is gonna' take place around lunch time, Are you gonna' serve lunch afterwards?". Silly rabbit ! I asked if she honestly thought the only thing she was going to get was a cup of tea?

We had such a blast! My sister did her English persona, one niece did her Australian thing, the other niece told an off-color joke and we dubbed her the uncouth American. The youngest niece who was having a hard time keeping up with all the nonsense was labeled from Outer Space. Our quiet sister was a German who was secretly plotting to take over the world, while I was Queen of Scotts who would behead anyone for not using proper manners. It was quite the round-table of international and intergalactic dignitaries.

I knew the party had been a success when the youngest niece, who had never been to a proper tea before, said she felt like she was inside a palace eating the King's fancy food. That just made my day!

We're thinking of having another all girls party soon. The next one will be a do-it-yourself day at the spa. We'll do facials, manicures, hair styles, and make-up and then pose for pictures. We're also planning an all-boy cousin get-together during Christmas break. We'll make hot cocoa, order pizza, pop pop-corn, and bring out the queen-size mattress to the livingroom floor so they can watch movies as late as they like. I'll just have to get a supply of aspirins first!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Freedom from possessions

Someone very close to me has found themselves in a situation where they must move quickly. For reasons that I don't really want to disclose they are looking at moving without their mattress/box spring, dressers, and love seat. As she was telling me about the list she had comprised of things they will have to buy once they get settled into their new place, my first response was "How sad!" But the more I thought about it I realized how very free-ing it would be to sorta' start over. I would relish the opportunity.

How many things do we hang onto just because so-and-so gave it to us for Christmas or some other event. How often do items just sit somewhere because every table top or other linear surface needs something to frou-frou it?

We, too, are looking at a possible move sometime in the not-too-distant future. In anticipation, we've been doing a massive rid-out of stuff that we don't want to have to box up and move. We have two sheds in the back yard. The second one has been dismantled and some stuff moved over to the other shed. But the majority of the stuff in there went to the curb. Why was it ever stored in the first place????? The only things worth saving from the shed (which was completely full to overflowing) was the Christmas tree and decorations and our picnic coolers.

We're hoping to rid out the first shed before Winter sets in. And then we'll set our sights on the inside where we've already made some strides. We have a massive entertainment stand in the Living room with our TV, stereo, DVD, and VCR and all those different forms of media: games for all manner of game systems, DVDs and VHS tapes.


I have finagled with my bedroom for what seems like ages and I finally have it to where I like it (except for inside the closet but that's for another time). I'm down to my bed and a dresser. Some might think that's a bit austere but I find it very peaceful and relaxing to not be overwhelmed by stuff. An added benefit? Less stuff makes a room easier to keep clean.

I know life is an ebb and flow process and as Ecclesiastes says "There is a time to build up and a time to tear down". We are most clearly in the tear down phase of life and I'm sure that we'll need things when we settle wherever it is that we will settle--but I hope never again to this level.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

You must have been a Be-You-ti-ful Baby

When I was younger I loved those old '50 and '60's movies where everyone in a small town gathered on the banks of the lake, ate a picnic lunch and laid on their blankets to watch the fireworks in the evening. Those images always come to mind at this time of year.

Our little 'burb celebrates in style! We have a little carnival that comes to town, we have entertainment that performs at the band shelter, there's a great pyrotechnical display, and then there's the beauty contests.  My niece entered her precious little children into the beautiful baby contest. They break it up by age group and gender--so each had the potential to win his age group.

Here's their participation prize: a cute little sand bucket with spade and adorable little plush animal
 Nathan actually was chosen as the beautiful baby for his age group and was given this prize: an inflatable pool which he happily put to good use later the same afternoon!
An extra benefit of winning is that you can ride in the 4th of July parade with posters on the sides of your vehicle and wave and throw candy at the parade viewers along the route. My niece so wanted her son to be in the parade, and rightfully so, but it's been way too hot and we couldn't imagine that he'd sit safely in a convertible to back of a truck (the vehicles of choice) so he didn't participate in the parade. But the two boys had fun collecting candy being thrown by those in the parade. Gabe, the little one, can compete again next year. 
                      Happy Fourth of July!!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Red: Like you mean it!

Summer is just meant for red toe-nails, don't ya' think?

Generally speaking, I'm an Essie girl but I've found a Borghese I really love!
Borghese, Vernis, Rubino Red, because IF I'm going to wear red I don't want a schizophrenic red that thinks its orange, or a shy red that pales into pink, or a blueish red dripping from my nails like blood. I like RED:  like a catch-me-if-you-can race car red,  or a where's-the-fire? fire-engine red, a spicy-tomato red.

Just looking down at my toes makes me smile.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I'll "tumblr" for ya'

I'm dating myself by making reference to a Boy George/Culture Club song. Oh well.......
I added my Pinterest link in my sidebar the other day. I really use Pinterest a LOT! Before it came along, I would buy sketch pads and cut out pictures from magazines to create inspiration boards. I use Pinterest in the same way--but with the use of online graphics. But then I always felt bad about the photos that I liked but they didn't fall into a specific category or board. I still had that cut and paste inspiration board in my mind filled with random images. Then I learned about Tumblr! Although, they call the service they provide a blog hosting platform; I didn't find it as easy as blogger to learn to use. So I was prepared to forget all about it until I stumbled upon an all photo template. Suddenly, I had a home for all those images that didn't fit onto Pinterest boards. I really enjoy how the images seem to tumble down a stream as if that's how they would fall out of your head onto a paper. It just seems to make it all the more appropriate for it to be named Tumblr. So, I'm providing the link to my photo stream on Tumblr and maybe, you'll find a use for an account there, too!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The House that pickin' furnished

Haven't been here in so long that I almost forgot my password! Following up on my last post, I'd like to share some more freebies that my brother has found curbside, most have made their way into our living room:

First off, is this brand-new ceiling fan, still in the box. Just in time for summer!

Next up is a very pretty stand-up lamp that I can't photograph well. It's base is a silver-ish gray/blue and the shade is etched with silver and gray vines. I really wish I could capture it so you could witness it's beauty.

As curbside pickin' luck would have it--the lamp is paired with a series of prints that are all gray and white. I love it when a theme comes together!

On the other side of the sofa, he found an octopus lamp--again with a silver base and white shades. It just all goes together so nicely!

Even the white sheer curtain panels were from the curb! All of the pieces go with the blue/gray and white sofa so well!
And then he found this great leather office chair for the computer area. The picture doesn't really capture it's color correctly. It's a soft tan-ish butter yellow color, which pairs beautifully with the red and yellow curtains behind it.

He's been fortunate enough to have found a perfectly good glider for my son's front porch, as well as a picnic table and chairs for his patio.

When Miranda Lambert's song, The House that built Me, comes on the radio, I immediately think of our house as the House That Pickin' Furnished......Gotta have a sense of humor about these things!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fabulous Finds: Free for the Taking

My first time using the new blogger interface and I do not like it!!!! But I suppose we'll grow accustomed to one another as time goes by.

Many moons ago I frequented a pretty little decorating blog, which shall not be named. I enjoyed the beautiful photos she shared of all her decorating and staging. She would often show her thrift-store finds and brag about the wonderful deals she got here-and-there. She had quite a following in blog-land, which has grown more and more. But at one point, a couple of people had left comments regarding what they deemed her incessant shopping and called into question IF she had an addiction. Naturally, she became incensed!, left a rebuttal via a blog post and closed comments (for awhile) on her blog.

But it got me thinking: thrift-store shopping is STILL shopping! Discount store shopping is STILL shopping! Dollar-Store shopping is STILL shopping. Yard-sale shopping is STILL shopping. Saying that it's not as bad as "regular" shopping because you're saving money is like saying "I'm not a real addict because I only do a "little" cocaine". It reminds me of that old saying: "He who buys what he does not need; steals from himself".

My brother lost his job a little while ago and although he's in the process of interviewing for another he's at a loss as to what to do with himself so he's taken up scrapping as a way of keeping busy and earning a little money at the same time. Driving around in his pick-up truck and picking up things from people's garbage that he can take to the recycle center. He does pretty good at it. As an added benefit, he's found some things for free that have really come in handy around the ol' homestead. He found a garden hose on a wheeled caddy. He found a digital TV antenna in the box that has greatly improved our TV reception.

From time-to-time, I thought I might share some of his "Fabulous Finds: Free for the taking" on my blog so that you can see the perfectly good things that are being tossed out that could be used by someone else.

First, here's my new (new to me) beside lamp. I had a brass lamp that always made me think it should be sitting on a male attorney's desk but now I have a girly pink ceramic sculptured lamp with a linen shade. It's kind of '80's--but I like it!

Here's another great find! This shelving unit is 3 pieces. A large baker's rack surrounded by towers on either side. I use the side on the left for canned good and the side on the right for some extra dishes. He picked it up to be scrapped for the metal. He thinks it would have gotten him about $15.00 but I interceded on it's behalf and brought it into the kitchen where my stained glass rooster lamp and potted plant now have a home.

We butt heads though on some of the stuff he finds. His thought process is "Hey, it's free!". Mine is "Free or not--there's still a limit as to how much stuff can fit into this house. Stop dragging STUFF in here!"

Keep your eyes open for interesting, useful, and free stuff just sitting on the curbside--but if you don't have a place for it--pass it by!

Happy Hunting!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Starting out right

So I spent the first day of the New Year in cleaning out my closet. What is it about this simple chore that makes you think you can tackle the entire world? It's not as if anyone else ever sees my closet--it's just a little something to make my life easier.

If you start off with all your hangers facing the same direction, wear an item, return it to the closet with the hanger facing the opposite direction, at the end of the year (or whatever period of length you choose) you will know in an instant which clothes you wear and which ones haven't seen the light of day in a while and can probably be donated.

So day one of 2012 was productive, just 364 to go!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome 2012

Happy New Year! Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012.
Last night was just a little discomforting to realize just how many of our neighbors had guns and thought it was O.K. to unload one in celebrating the New Year. Thankfully, most settled down after about 10 minutes; but it was like being in a war zone there for a few minutes.

It's funny how I've had this pesky cold for over 2 weeks now and the eternal optimist in me believed that I would wake up this morning cold-free simply because it was the start of the new year. Apparently my body didn't get the memo! lol

This poor little blog has been so neglected for so long! I've deleted it 3 times and started over 3 times but never whole-heartedly. I finally gave into the pressure to establish a Facebook account and I post a little something there every once-in-awhile and I've created a Tumblr account just for those things that don't really require a board of their own on Pinterest (which is where I spend way-too-much time). The Tumblr blog is cool because it's only images that speak to me and there's no text whatsoever so it's quick and easy. It reminds me so very much of a digital format of the inspiration board collages I used to make from pictures I'd cut out of magazines. I'll post the links for these accounts soon. I actually have a few ideas for how to proceed with this blog to make it a little more interesting and a lot more user friendly for 2012. Wish me well.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Help for Dry cuticles

So today was Spa Day on the ol' homestead. Worries simply cannot swim around in your head when it's tented over a pot of steaming water! After my steam facial, I sat myself down at the computer to search for a cuticle cream product but was distracted by "treat your dry cuticles at home" sites. Most weren't worth looking at--but then I found one with several at home treatments--and it just so happened that I had the stuff right in the kitchen. I mixed a teaspoon of granulated sugar (right out of the canister) with Olive Oil. It makes a paste which you rub into your nail bed area. The sugar acts as an exfoliant to rub away some of the overgrowth of cuticle, while the olive oil acts as a moisturizer. You spend about 30 seconds per nail, so each nail also receives a little mini-massage which encourages blood flow to the nail bed. When I was finished, I used the remainder of the scrub on my hands. Rinse with warm water (not hot) and pat dry. The site said to use hand lotion when nails are dry but the olive oil did such a great job and my hands felt so soft afterwards that I decided to wait until bedtime for the lotion.

So, if you are prone to dry cuticles in the winter as I am, I highly recommend this sugar and olive oil cuticle scrub. My cuticles really look so much better after only 1 application and my hands feel beautifully soft. Try it! You probably already have everything you need--it won't cost a cent.

Friday, November 11, 2011

We are Blessed

We are blessed, this Veteran's Day, and everyday.

I couldn't embed this video to my blog, sorry. I encourage you to follow the link, as the song is truly beautiful!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

BOO 2011

Thought I'd share my most recent scrapbook page showcasing my grandson's Ninja costume for Trick-or-Treat night, 2011. Page created in My Memories Suite using elements from a FREE kit from Raspberry Road Designs. Just Boo-tiful!

Thursday, October 27, 2011


When I was a young girl I think the thing I did that aggravated/disappointed my parents, especially my mother, the most was to constantly have overdue library books. She complained about it all the time!--every time I had a school project and needed a reference book from the library. I grew up very aware of how bad I was about having overdue library books. It was a serious point of shame. As I became a young adult the same problem manifested itself in overdue video rentals! Aaarrgghh!
At some point in my life I decided that I wasn't an irresponsible person who couldn't return library books or video rentals on time. NOT having a library fine in years, in decades, became a source of pride. Until today. Today I received an overdue notice from the library and I actually felt like a junior-high school girl covered in shame!!!! I had my library account tied to an e-mail account so that I would receive an e-mail message 1 or 2 days BEFORE the due-date letting me know it was time to return or renew my books. I had closed that e-mail account and didn't realize it was tied to my library card. Oh well....I feel like a recovering alcoholic who fell off the wagon...just have to start over again.
I'm so ashamed!! Vowing to never be overdue again!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Driving Ms. Crazy

You don't have to drive me crazy, I'm close enough that I can walk!

My precious grandson was referred to a therapist because his teachers think he's ADHD. He met his therapist for the first time yesterday and they got along swimmingly. His therapist told him that people like him were OK, just fine, and able to cope but that for whatever reason they drove other people crazy; together they would have to find a way not to drive others crazy. My grandson thought this was hilarious and agreed that he often drove others crazy.

I like this guy! He has a good way of reassuring my grandson that he's OK, he'll get along in life just fine. That's how I feel about him as well. Best of all, his first solution wasn't to offer meds!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Product Review: Colgate Optic White

I must admit that I have serious issues with people's obsession with WHITE teeth. Oftentimes, I want to say "those don't even look like teeth--you've got a mouth full of fluorescent chiclets, perfectly shaped, freakishly white objects all lined up in a row instead of natural looking, God-given, unique to each individual teeth. I could go on......but why? I'm sure you get the idea. It's gotten so bad that whenever I watch American Idol now, I always point out who will get a tooth whiting job when the stylists get ahold of them.

Now I admit that I've tried those Crest White Strips before. They probably work just fine for anyone else--but I'm not an everyday kind of girl. I couldn't stand to leave them on, I couldn't stand to not be able to talk for however long they were on, and I couldn't stand having to use them for days for any sort of noticeable change. So I gave up on them, which is a little unlike me because I usually demand that something I paid that much for live up to it's promises.

Now my teeth weren't disgusting; but I do drink iced-tea (quite a bit of tea, actually) and cola and eat dark chocolate--all the things that are bad for your teeth. And I am a woman of a certain age, so my teeth weren't shockingly, unnaturally white. But I was basically content with the off-white color of my teeth until I got a free coupon for the new Optic White toothpaste. "I'll try it!", I said, afterall, it was free.

I didn't really hold out much hope, didn't really have high expectations--but hold on to your hats--this stuff works!! Now I'm not blindingly, supernaturally white--but I'm no longer dingy. My teeth look natural--just clean--and my smile seems a little younger, as if that were possible. And I've only used it 3 days. I couldn't read the small print on the box and didn't know it was recommended to be used at least 2 times per day, so I've only been using it once and it still worked!

I'll probably continue to use it twice a day (as recommended) for the rest of the week and see just how bright my teeth become--I'm not going for the glow-in-the-dark look that is so popular. Then I'll probably only use it once a week or so to maintain the new color.

I'm just tinkled pink when something actually works, aren't you?

Monday, September 12, 2011

Life Without Photoshop

We had a version of Adobe Photoshop on the computer and I had learned that program pretty well. But then we upgraded computers and somehow Photoshop didn't get transferred over, couldn't find the registration material and so I've been without Photoshop for awhile now. I thought my days of digital scrapbooking and photo editing were over. Turns out life is pretty good without Photoshop. I downloaded Picnik for photo editing (it's a free program) and I really like it! It couldn't possibly be easier to use! I was never too great at using the Unsharp Mask in Photoshop but Picnik uses sliders to sharpen and clarify and they really do a good job.
After photo editing, I usually apply one of their effects. I'm a real fan of vignette and matte. I knew how to create these effects in Photoshop; but in Picnik, it's just a click of a button!

I'm also thrilled to have found a digital scrapbooking program. I'm playing with it right now and will write more about it in a future post. So, life goes on....with or without Photoshop....seems there is more than one way of doing things.

Find a way to do what you want to do!

Monday, July 11, 2011

No Cook Summer Recipe

Today was hot, hot, hot! Far too hot to use the stove. Too hot to fire-up the grill. So what to do?

I pulled out a bag of frozen mixed berries from the freezer (combination of raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries with no added sugar). I defrosted about 3/4 of the way and added to yogurt--YUMMY!

Lunch was just simple tuna-salad. I didn't even bother to toast the bread. Too hot!

I had made bruschetta the other evening for a party and loved it so much that I wanted to make it again along with dinner. I cut up the tomatoes, onions, garlic, and parsley; added the olive oil and just couldn't bring myself to plug in the griddle to toast the bread. Then I was hit by a bolt of inspiration! I had a package of garlic seasoned croutons in the kitchen cupboard. I'd throw those in with the tomato concoction and have a "Bruschetta Salad", if there is such a thing.

Oh my, it was delicious!! Try it when you're trying to avoid the stove this summer. Hope you like it as much as we did.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Starting Over

I had deleted my blog (although I've done it before) and learned that Google will be doing some sort of re-vamp of Blogger, reportedly by the end of the month. I didn't want to miss all the fun--so I un-deleted my blog. Only problem is I deleted all posts and side bar elements and now I'm starting over from scratch.

We'll see how things go. If things will be as they had been before I got bored and gave it all up--or I'll find a new enthusiasm for blogging and it will look different, sound different than before.

It's nice to be back.